Hello! I’m Cat. A Filipina lifestyle writer. I’ve spent most of my life living in a southeast Asian archipelago called the Philippines. I grew up frolicking on some of the best beaches in the world and receiving my nourishment from the sweetest mangoes, ever. I was born in a city down south called Davao and have also lived in Cebu, Bacolod, and most recently Manila. If you’ve never been to my little country, you are missing out on some of the warmest people and most beautiful landscapes on the planet.


Once upon a time, I was the beauty editor for a well-known women’s magazine called Metro. It was a glamorous job that was perfect for that chapter of my life. I got to travel the world and test beauty products to my heart’s content. These days, I’m a freelance writer for various publications and a communications professional for an amazing high school. I’ve written about everything from interior design, relationships to hangover cures (here’s a tip: greasy food). You can find some of my current writing work in online magazines such as Homegrown, Kluster, and Thought Catalog.


After finishing college, I also worked as a model. It was a great way to meet all sorts of people, earn my own money, and travel. Oftentimes, the only thing I took with me to a shoot was my bone structure.
In 2008, I packed my bags and moved to Sydney; a city I had never seen with my own eyes. It became one of the best decisions I ever made. I found myself working in education and married to a film director named Carlo. We’ve recently moved back to Manila and become parents to a little boy named Fin and a little girl named Nara. They are the most amazing teachers and our greatest gifts.


I have always loved to write and I enjoy taking pictures. This is a blog where I do both. It would be great if you tagged along. Feel free to say hello. I’d also love it if you left a “like heart tap” beside the articles you enjoy.