Fazup Anti Radiation Patch

Truth: I always get a weird headache when I talk on my mobile phone, so much so that I often don’t answer calls and prefer that people text.

So when Sheena Gonzalez suggested I try Fazup, I was more than willing. Fazup is an ultra slim patch containing a passive antenna that regulates radiation when placed accurately on the back of your phone (the foam guide was a lot of fun to figure out).

It claims to absorb 99% of SAR, the specific absorption rate of electromagnetic radiation absorbed by your body and head. Tested by 1,000 independent testers and made in France, I admit the husband is sceptical, but I’d prefer to be safe than not have tried at all.

Fazup is available at The Parenting Emporium, this one stop parenting shop is VERY selective with which products they let into their store and do their own independent research. So that’s one more + for Fazup.

Learn more about Fazup through their:

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