VMV Hypoallergenics’ Red Better Line and Why I Love It

While in Sydney over the holidays, portions of my face and neck got red and itchy from the dry weather. My mom, a long time rosacea sufferer, highly recommended I try VMV Hypoallergenics’ Red Better Line and I’m so glad I did. Here are the four products I tried and my thoughts on each one:

Red Better Deeply Soothing Cleansing Cream (895php)

What is it: A pleasantly palliative cleanser that contains monolaurin, coconut oil + antioxidants.

Personal Thoughts: I have been using this cream cleanser on my skin in the morning. Even though it says to wet the skin before rubbing the cleanser, I prefer to rub it on my dry skin and then gently rinse off with cold water. It isn’t drying at all so I don’t get that tight feeling I often get with foaming cleansers.

Red Better Daily Therapy Moisturizer (915php)

What is it: A light, non-comodgenic moisturizer to soothe angry skin.

Personal Thoughts: I’ve been using this moisturizer day and night and have seen a great improvement on my skin without any breakouts or irritation. It’s quite light weight so it doesn’t feel sticky or heavy. Definitely a keeper.

Red Better Flare Up Balm also known as Red Better Calm the Heck Down Balm (2,015php)

What is it: A potent balm that calms angry skin. Dot a tiny speck on affected areas and spread gently. Apply 1x-a-day (up 2x-a-day maximum) for up to 2 weeks only.

Personal Thoughts: This is the one product in the line that my mom highly recommended. It is a thick semi-clear salve which has helped make some red patches on my neck less itchy and red. I’ve been using it for less than a week and the results are definitely there.

Red Better Spot Corrector (525php)

What is it: A spot corrector for acne and other red irritations on the face.

Personal thought: This one didn’t seem as effective as my trusty benzoyl peroxide for acne, but it did certainly hep on some red areas underneath my chin which I suspect were caused by toothpaste irritation.

The verdict: I would highly recommend the Red Better Line to anyone who suffers from rosacea, eczema, or just very sensitive skin. These products help balance your skin’s normal PH, calm irritations, and remove redness all without any steroids.

You can order VMV’s Red Better Line online via their website.

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