SweetEscape: A Holiday Photography Service You Should Definitely Book!

A few weeks ago, our friend Kristy Onglatco, heard that we were going to be taking a trip to Sydney, she asked Carl and I if we would be interested in booking a session with SweetEscape: A Holiday photography service that lets you have a private session with a professional photographer almost anywhere in the world!

Given how much Carl and I love taking pictures, we’re usually not the type to sign up for professional photography services but we are so glad that we did this time.

It was as easy as opening an account SweetEscape and then setting our date and time. SweetEscape did the rest and booked us a lovely photographer named Joan. Joan contacted us a few days before we arrived to recommend a few places for our session. We met him in our desired spot near where we were staying and for two hours had a great time seeing new and old areas in Sydney.

A few days later, Sweet Escape let us know our photos were ready for download from the site and it was easy as selecting the ones we wanted and downloading them all onto a hard drive. Carl and I are so grateful that we now have pictures from our family trip with all four of us in them! These photos of us introducing our favourite city in the world to the kids are so special we are so glad we said yes to making this happen.

I asked our friend Kristy to share a little more about SweetEscape and I wanted to also share other photos of friends of mine who have tried this service. There is great promo code to avail of before the end of this month too! Find it at the bottom of this post.

Cat Arambulo & Family in New York

Hi Kristy! What exactly is SweetEscape?
SweetEscape is a holiday photography service that turns your holiday moments into beautiful photos. We connect travelers with the best local photographer in 300+ cities around the world.

Where is SweetEscape originally from and when was it launched in the Philippines?
SweetEscape is a global company that is based in Jakarta, Indonesia. We haven’t formally launched in the Philippines yet, but since our service is open to all travelers, we get clients from all over the world.

Jackie Go & Family in Japan

How does SweetEscape work?
You can book a session of two hours or more via www.sweetescape.com or our free mobile application. Choose a destination, a date, and time. A photographer will be assigned to you and within three business days, your photos will be ready to be downloaded through your desktop or mobile app.

How does SweetEscape choose photographers to work with?
Because we want to make sure our clients are handled with professionalism and care, we have to hand-pick the photographers joining our team. Usually, interested individuals go to our website and submit their portfolio. Our photographer relation team will then do a quick video call to make sure all these individuals understand photography, know the ins and outs of the city and of course, are very friendly. Apart from having a warm personality, the most important thing we believe photographers should have is passion. 🙂

Mikaela Martinez and her daughter Noelle in Hong Kong

What is the price range for a SweetEscape Session?
Our rate starts at USD $300-$500, and this is for a 2-hour photoshoot. The price range is dependent on the city. Please find the full city list in the attachment below.

How can someone apply to be a SweetEscape photographer?
We love working with photographers from all over the world; it’s like having a friend in every city. Anyone who has a love for the camera and is passionate about taking beautiful photographs of special moments can submit their applications here: www.sweetescape.com/join

Nicole Hernandez- De los Angeles & Family in Japan

Can you choose the photographer you can work with? 
Our SweetEscape team will assign the best photographer for each photo session. We do this because we know their skills and can best match them with the needs of our clients. We ask that you trust us because we only want what’s best for you.

Convinced yet? You can avail of a 50$ discount on your first session with SweetEscape if you reserve your photo session date before January 31 using my promo code CAT50 upon checkout! Your session can be for anytime this year, you just need to book it using my code by January 31!

Learn more about SweetEscape by heading to their:

Website | Facebook Page | Instagram 

You can also find them in the Apple or Google App Store.