My Tixel Experience at Amy Patdu MD Medical Clinic

I’ll be the first to tell you that I was not blessed with flawless skin. Blame it on genetics from both my parents, but I have been plagued with acne since I was 10 years old. I kid you not. It has taken quite a bit of hard work and investments to keep my skin from being permanently scarred and despite all efforts, i still have a few acne scars that I would prefer to be less noticeable.

Here comes Dr. Amy Patdu to the rescue, Amy is a board-certified dermatologist who uses the latest research and technology to help her clients reach their beauty goals. I know a number of women (my mom included) who visit her clinic regularly for their personalised treatments to combat acne, wrinkles, sagging skin, discolorations, etc.

Here’s something I’ve noticed from the women I know who visit Amy, they all look gorgeous but never fake. If there’s one tip I can offer those out there in search of a specialist to help slow down the signs of ageing, it’s to find a doctor whose face you like. Nothing frozen, stretched, or puffy. Ageing is a fact of life, we just need someone to help keep it at bay but never prevent it totally.

For my acne scars and need for a bit of skin rejuvenation, Amy recommended I try Tixel. I asked Amy to share a bit more about what Tixel is for my readers.

What exactly is Tixel?
Tixel is a new paradigm in skin rejuvenation, a non-laser fractional skin resurfacing treatment that transfers thermal energy to skin very quickly and safely.

What skin conditions can Tixel treat?
Acne scar/ active acne
Sun damage skin/hyperpigmentation
Sagging skin ( cheek and neck)
Lagging eyelids and puffy eye bags,
Deep wrinkles/lines, crow feet
Marionettes line (smoker’s lips)
Stretch marks
Décolletage/hand rejuvenation

How is Tixel different from other skin rejuvenation lasers?
Other skin rejuvenation lasers are more aggressive and affect more of the upper layer of the the skin. Tixel is as deep in penetrating as the laser CO2, but it is less aggressive and is safe enough to be used even on the entire peri-orbital without affecting the eyes. This gives you very little down time between treatments.

Also Tixel treatment allows better abortion of serums and creams specially within 6 hrs after. It opens up the channels allowing the passage and absorption of serums and creams.

It also changes the way botox can be applied for crow’s feet. No more needles. You just drop it on the treated area.

How often should you do Tixel to see results?
Usually you can see the full results one or two weeks after your first sessions. But in just a day or two you will notice healthier glowing skin.

How much time should you have between sessions?
Minimum of a month or maximum of two months, depending on skin’s condition and as per doctor’s advice.

What side effects can happen with Tixel?
Some patient experience swelling and redness after the treatment that may last for 2-6 hrs. Very minimal scabbing that lasts for 2- 3 days.

Who are the best candidates for Tixel?
Tixel is best for those who have the following conditions:
Drooping of eyelids
Acne scars
Sagging face cause by aging
Poor skin texture ( large pore, with scars, redness due to acne inflammation)

Who should not do Tixel?
People who are keloid formers.

How much are Tixel treatments at your clinic?
Our price is depends on the areas you want to treat; we offer treatment packages with big discount. Please visit our Facebook page for the updated promo offers.

Is there anything else you would like to add?
This is a very powerful machine that is very effective and safe. We make sure our clients gets the best treatment there is in the world combining knowledge, expertise and technology all together. We simplify your routine and give you best result.

Here is a video that helps explain how Tixel works:

My own experience:

I’ve done two Tixel treatments 2 months apart already and here is how it went.

A Tixel treatment at Amy Patdu starts with a cleaning of the skin then the application of Emla (a topical anaesthetic) to numb the skin a bit. This whole part of the treatment can take up to an hour, so it’s best to give yourself ample time. Once the Emla is wiped off, Amy begins the process of using Tixel on your face, neck, eyes, and even chest. It feel like little ant bites every time that the machine is stamped onto your skin but because of the Emla, the pain is very manageable. There is also a very faint burning smell, but much less than with other lasers that hit the surface of your skin.

After the treatment, your face feels tingly and numb. It’s recommended you wash with a gentle cleanser then use your trusted serum that night for maximum absorption as well as a strong moisturiser.  The next morning, my face feels a little drier but I didn’t notice any redness or scabbing from both sessions. By day two I woke up to skin that looks healthier and acne scars that are less dark.

In two weeks time I begin to notice in pictures that my skin looks healthier and my face well rested. Seriously, there is a significant difference. My indented acne scars are also a little better and continue to improve!

I’m genuinely convinced it works and have become a fan of this treatment and will continue to do it for maintenance or until Amy says I should stop. If there’s anyone out there in their 30s plagued with acne scars and looking for find a treatment to help make your skin more even toned, I can’t recommend Tixel enough.

In case interested in learning more, Amy Patdu has clinics in two locations:

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