Aprica Magical Air Stroller

If there’s one word of advice I always give new parents, it’s to make sure to invest in a stroller for the toddler years of your child. A stroller for when your child is newborn really isn’t necessary with all the great baby carriers available, but when your child starts walking, a stroller will be your new best friend during travels and long strolls.

My little family was recently invite to road test the Aprica Magical Air Stroller and I have to say that we were throughly impressed. Aprica is a Japanese brand known for making high quality child and baby products like car seats, baby carriers, strollers, etc. We’ve been using their car seats for years and love them! Here are some pictures of us using the Apica Magical Air Stroller and its specs at the bottom.

• Open and fold using just one hand!
• You can easily operate it with one hand, while carrying the baby with the other arm
• Get your baby in and out of the stroller with easy button-type open handles
• Its removable seat pad makes cleaning the stroller a breeze
• Stands alone for easy packing away and storage

• Soft and stable sitting surface keeps the baby comfortable while keeping the baby in place in place
• Its multi-directional shock absorbing structure, 3d soft shock-absorbing wheels, and three-dimensional thigh belt absorbs any vibrations or pressure, to reduce any impact felt by your baby
• The spacious seat space gives your baby more room to move and play!
• Mesh sunshades protects your baby from the heat of the sun or the cold air, without making your baby uncomfortable

• Usage Period: 7 months to 36 months (below 15kg)
• Weight: 2.8kg
• Seat height from floor: 43cm
• Folding mechanism: one hand folding
• Seat recline position: 118-135 degrees
• Basket storage capacity: 10 litre
• Multi-shockless mechanism
• 3D suspension on front wheels
• Foam handle grip
• 2-step brake system

Learn more Aprica PH and how to order your own Magical Air stroller through their:

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