The Parent Files Season 3 Episode 6 | Keeping Your Family Safe From Mosquitoes

Many Filipino families know that dengue is no laughing matter. From weakening immune systems, long hospital bills, and feeling miserable for weeks, a simple bite from a mosquito can cause more suffering than just an itch.

In this episode of The Parent Files, I ask our veteran parents to share their tips and tricks for keeping their family’s mosquito-bite free. I also ask them to share which products they totally rely on in their homes.

In my home, I personally use two items that I swear by:

Hanns Insect Trap is a tiny black trap that can protect your home for up to 645 sq.ft, it’s super easy to set up
and is pesticide and odor free.

Meanwhile, Bite Block is my trusted mosquito repellent, it’s non-greasy and safe for the kids since it uses Picaridin instead of Deet as an active ingredient. It can even be used for children as young as six months! Both Hanns Insect Trap and Bite Block can be purchased in the The Parenting Emporium.

Check out what the other parents said in this episode:

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