Beauty Review: Crème de la Mer Blue Heart Oceans Fund

Oh, La Mer. You’ve stolen my heart. As mentioned in a previous blog post:

La Mer is a US brand whose translation in English means “the sea” because its story has our oceans to thank. It all began when its founder, Dr. Max Huber suffered awful burns while conducting an experiment and looked to nutrient-rich sea kelp to help heal his skin. 6,000 experiments later, Crème de la Mer was born. This decadent face cream in its signature green and pink box is a cult favorite all over the world. And rightfully so, men and women everywhere rave about this cream’s moisturising and renewing capabilities.”

Each year, La Mer creates an expression of their love for the beauty of the sea by turning the much coveted jar of their Creme de la Mer cream into a canvas for their love story to the sea.

But that’s not all they plan to do. This year La Mer wants to take their love for the sea into giving back to its eco-system. As written in their website:

“The La Mer Blue Heart Oceans Fund launches with a focus on protecting ocean habitats by expanding Marine Protected Areas and empowering ongoing ocean conservation projects around the globe. This year, we’re accomplishing our mission through a New York City-based art walk and auction in collaboration with ocean conservation organization Project 0 and the storied auction house Sotheby’s.” 

You can learn more about their conservation efforts here.

This has been my first encounter with the original Crème de la Mer formula and I’m happy to report that it’s phenomenal. I initially thought the cream would be too rich for my skin, but it has been a godsend especially since I’m currently doing a retinol treatment which has been drying my skin out.

Every other night now, I put a little scoop of this rich white cream on my face, neck, and on the backs of my hands. It has a pleasant floral scent and feels extremely decadent. I wake up the morning to skin that looks plumper, more even toned, and glowing. I’m seriously in love. A little goes a long way so I suspect a jar of this size will last for over a year. I’m already planning to save a little for my next one.

I would highly recommend this wonderful cream if you’re:

  1. Battling with dry skin or fine lines
  2. Are looking for a rich moisturiser to use at night or in dryer, colder climates
  3. Are willing to invest in your skin’s health. I promise it will be worth it.

You can purchase La Mer in the Philippines at Rustan’s Department Store.

Learn more about La Mer’s amazing products through their:

Website | Facebook Page | Instagram