My Little Storage Box

I was recently introduced to a lovely little local brand that makes custom designed storage boxes for your little people (or even your big ones) called My Little Storage Box.  Here is why I love them!

1. They look great: These beautiful boxes are a great addition to any child’s room. I’ll share more on how you can customise them later.

2. Rounded edges: With Nara in her climbing phase and being super active. I wanted to make sure there weren’t any necessary sharp corners in her room. No problem. These boxes come with rounded edges to prevent any nasty bumps

3. Slow closing mechanism: To prevent any pinched fingers, these storage boxes come with a slow closing mechanism to make sure that no injuries happen.

4. Variety: Because each box is carefully custom-made to your specifics, you can choose everything from its size, color and fonts. Here are some other examples from the My Little Storage IG page:

Learn more about My Little Storage Box and how to order through their:

Instagram | Facebook Page 

Mobile number: +639178356320 | Email: