Pinnacle Performance and ProHealth Sports & Spinal Now In The Philippines

Not many people know that my mom was once a top fitness expert in the country. And there was one thing she always said that stuck with me about fitness. “Many people spend a fortune on objects like cars and watches but can’t justify spending on their health and fitness,” she began. “Cars and watches can be replaced instantly, your body, on the other hand, is the only one you have.”

Ever since hearing that in my college years, I’ve made it a point to devote both time and effort to keeping my body healthy. I’m happy to report that two new centers have opened in the heart of the Makati business district that will help make this commitment even easier.

Pinnacle Performance is a world-class fitness center with a focus on athletic performance. It delivers a purely personalized strength and conditioning program to help you reach your own personal goals. Because, let’s face it, cookie-cutter factory-like gyms aren’t going to really get you where you want to be.

Using a unique Pinacle Global Rating System, Pinnacle Performance measures various levels of your fitness: speed, power, agility, strength, energy system’s capacity and even body composition to design a program best fit for you.

While ProHealth Sports and Spinal Physiotherapy Center  is a successful chain of physiotherapy clinics already with branches in Beijing, Hong Kong, India, and Singapore. Their Philippine branch is equipped with physio gyms with reformers, seven physio rooms, shower areas, a pantry, and a lounge area. The clinic also boasts of real-time ultrasound to better assess and treat patients. They offer hands-on treatments that are unique to each patient and anyone who walks through their doors can expect thorough expert analysis and evaluation to offer matched with a specially designed treatment plan and care.

ProHealth Sports & Spinal specializes in the following:

• Manual Therapy
• Sports Physiotherapy
• Muscle Therapy
• Spinal Manipulation
• Spinal Rehabilitation
• Post-Operative Rehabilitation
• Endurance Sports Injury
• Exercise Prescription
• Sports Physiotherapy and Sports Medicine Management

I recently asked Pinnacle Performance and ProHealth Sports and Spinal Physiotherapy Center to share more about what sets them apart for my blog. Here are their answers:

Does Pinnacle cater to all fitness levels and ages?

Pinnacle we have YOUTH GYM MEMBERSHIP that is for clients aged 16 years or younger who wish to utilize the highest quality of services that Pinnacle Performance has to offer. Prices begins at 4,995. Youth Group Development Sessions (GDS) include specifically coached training sessions on-site. Individually designed programmes are prescribed based on sports-specific disciplines and/or individual goals.

Will they be offering any summer programs for kids or teenagers?

It’s in the pipeline. Currently, each membership includes up to 4 coach-delivered sessions each week, all of which include modalities to plan, build, enhance and develop a Pinnacle ‘youth’ , as well as considerations for each individual’s age, training history, sport discipline, health direction and injury history/concerns.

What sets Pinnacle Performance apart from other gyms or fitness centers?

What sets us apart from other gyms is that every minute spent training in the gym should support your goal. Pinnacle offers over 40 hours of Group Development Sessions (GDS), and over a 100 hours of available training per week. Every member will have the very best opportunity to support their training goals under expert guidance. Another is that we are measuring your progress thru our Pinnacle Performance Global Rating (PGR). PGR is a complete quantifiable measure of your entire athletic ability. The PGR identifies YOUR strengths and weaknesses and guides you to set a tangible performance goal. Your own personal rating will summaries your speed, power, agility, strength, body composition and energy system’s capacity.

How much time should you commit a week to going and when can you start to see results?

Commit at least 3x week. Significant results will be evident in 3 months. Health benefit will be felt in a month.

Pinnacle Performance and ProHealth ProHealth Sports and Spinal Physiotherapy Academy are located at:
Unit 3, 28th floor, Centuria Medical Makati
Contact Number: 793 8763
Globe – 0956 914 8240
Smart – 0928 913 3635

Learn more about them through their:

(Pinnacle Performance) Website | Facebook 

(Pro Health) Website | Facebook