My Top 5 Favorite Local Swimwear Brands

If you know me well enough, you know that I’ve spent a large chunk of my life on our beautiful Philippine beaches. My family lived in Cebu and used to hit the beach every Sunday, for Holy Week or New Years would spend weeks on end in Camiguin Island, and after being married to Carl, we would head to Danjugan Island as often as we could in the year.

With all this beach-loving, I’m always on the look out for high quality swimwear brands to accompany me. And I’m happy to report that these five local swimwear brands are my personal favorites. They are made with high quality fabrics, offer cuts that are super flattering, and aren’t as expensive as many foreign brands out there. I wish I had these brands available during my 20s. So you millennials are lucky to have them! With summer here, I thought it best to share them with all of you. In no particular order here are my top 5 favorites:

#1 Eighth Mermaid

What’s not to love about Eighth Mermaid. They’re constantly offering new and unique styles and they always come up with the cutest designs and colors. From sherbets to wine and mango, there’s something for everyone. I have to admit that many of their styles are a little cheeky but they can easily help you find the right one for your boy type. You can tell from the number of pics that they are truly one of my favorites! They are also the picture on top of the wine mailot.

#2: Soak Swimwear

I love Soak for their classic cuts and gorgeous coverups. I feel quite confident in a Soak piece knowing that I can frolic in the beach the whole day and will be covered in all the right places.

#3 Naked Sun Swimwear

Naked Sun, ironically, is the only brand that has been able to give me a pure white suit that doesn’t go transparent in the water. They also carry quite a number of adorable bikinis and coverups.

#4 Beyond The Beach

If they say that you need a little black dress in your life. You also need a little black suit. And Beyond the Beach offers the perfect plain black halter suit that I always turn to when I want something to flatter me no fail. It also comes in a cute light pink.

#5 Googoo and Gaga

Initially known for their cool graphic tee shirts. This local brand has taken it a step further and created adorable swimwear for both you and your little people. Nara always gets compliments when she wears their suits.

Who are your favorite swimwear brands? Share them on the comments section below!