Cat JL x Elena Bautista

Elena Bautista is one of the country’s most popular jewelry designers who has worked in the industry for over 12 years. Coming from a family of jewelers, Elena went to hone her craft at the Gemological Institute of America in New York where she learned how to create high quality jewelry pieces handcrafted to perfection.

I was recently invited by Elena to collaborate on a number of charms that would mean something special to me as a young parent. Like Elena put it,

“The reason why I thought of this collab is because of the adorable pictures of your kids. They remind me of my kids when they were still young. My kids are already teenagers and it is only natural that they have other interests aside from us. I want parents to have something to look back on when they see these charms. Happy memories to think about and remind us how lucky we are to have them, especially during these new parent years, because they are our little treasures.” 

With this in mind. I decided to create 7 charms with Elena that would share some of the simple joys of being a new parent. I’ve always said that being a parent is like being reborn, you now see the world’s wonders with a fresh pair of eyes and realise how the simplest things can actually be so amazing when experienced for the first time.  Here are the charms that remind me of this magic and will hopefully remind you too:

Charm 1: Counting falling stars

Charm 2: Swimming in the sea

Charm 3: Playing in the sand

Charm 4: Picking flowers

Charm 5: Running barefoot in the grass

Charm 6: Playing in the rain 

Charm 7: Counting seashells by the shoreline

These seven charms remind me to enjoy nature with my children and to enjoy these precious years where these types of activities are considered the most wonderful.

And since Fin and Nara are my fish and bird. I also asked if I could have custom-made fish and bird charms to remind me of them.

You can create your special charm necklace or bracelet with Elena Bautista using the charms I designed with her or your own special ones. Each piece is made with sterling silver and then gold plated.

Here’s something even more wonderful. 10% of all sales from charms in this collection will be going to the conservative efforts of Danjugan Island: A beautiful marine and wildlife eco-sanctuary in Negros that will guarantee that more children can experience these natural wonders with their families.

You can order your special charm bracelet or necklace through Elena Bautista’s

Website | Facebook Page | Instagram 

Learn more about Danjugan Island through their:

Website | Facebook Page | Instagram