A Fully Booked Giveaway: Lonely Planet’s The Honeymoon Handbook

There’s often no better excuse to splurge on an amazing vacation than for your honeymoon. It’s the time in your life when you’re allowed to have the adventure of your dreams with the person you’re crazy about.

For Carl and I, we decided to spend two weeks exploring Turkey as our honeymoon destination and absolutely loved it. For others, it may be a trip to Iceland or Argentina, or somewhere warmer like the Galapagos. Or maybe these are just places on MY bucket list! Haha.

The Lonely Planet series has made finding the perfect honeymoon destination easier by compiling all the best places in this nifty little book. Aside from listing down a number of perfect twosome destinations, this book is also loaded with travel tips.

I can’t think of a more perfect gift for a bridal shower actually.

Now for the the best part of this post, FULLY BOOKED is offering two copies of this book to two of my site’s readers. Here’s how to join: 

1. Like my blog’s FB page and like Fully Booked’s FB page

2. Leave a comment in my comment box sharing a tip for traveling on your honeymoon OR what your dream destination is. 

3. You must be willing to claim your prize at Fully Booked (Bonifacio High Street branch)

FIVE finalists will be chosen on April 7 and announced here. The first two to email me will win the copies! Feel free to encourage your friends and family members to join. The more entries, the more chances of winning. 

UPDATE: Here are the 5 Finalists for this giveaway as chosen by Fully Booked. First two to email me at info@catjuan.com will win a copy.

  1. Erika
  2. RJ Dancel
  3. Stefanie
  4. vincent
  5. MAV

UPDATE: These two finalists have already emailed to claim their prize! Congratulations,

Stefanie and MAV!

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