Why We Feel Club Paradise Palawan is the Best Beach Wedding Destination in Coron

A little over six years ago, Carl and I sealed the deal to go through life together in front of our dearest family and friends. It was the wedding we always wanted: a three day celebration with everyone we loved on one magical island.

We admit that it did take a while to find the right destination. We floated ideas like Bohol, Sipalay, or Camiguin, but there were so many things that just didn’t seem right about choosing them. It was actually my sister-in-law, Gabbi, who recommended Club Paradise Palawan as the perfect beach wedding destination. The minute I saw the island for myself, I knew we had found the place. I will always be grateful to the staff and crew of this beautiful white sand island in Coron, Palawan for giving us the wedding we dreamed of. In fact, many of our friends and family still tell us it was one of the best weddings they ever attended.

Here are our reasons why we feel Club Paradise Palawan is the best beach wedding destination in Coron, Palawan:

Reason 1: Easy Access

Getting a hundred people to one location isn’t always easy, but Club Paradise Palawan makes the trip from Busuanga airport to their resort as comfortable and seamless as possible. All we had to do was let guests know when flight promos were available to book their tickets and Club Paradise Palawan took care of the rest. They had air-conditioned vans waiting outside the airport and brought guests to a comfortable boat which took them through beautiful mangroves while they were served cold towels, juice, and sandwiches. Once guests arrived on the island they were showed to their rooms and offered a generous lunch buffet. Many guests commented that it was faster to get to Club Paradise Palawan than it was from Manila to Baguio.

Reason 2: The Island’s Raw Beauty

Club Paradise Palawan is situated on Dimakya Island. A gorgeous white sand island along a Unesco Biosphere Reserve. It truly has the most beautiful turquoise swimming beach I’ve ever seen and is the perfect venue for children to frolic and play in the sand the whole day. Just pop your head in the water for a snorkel and be prepared to see schools of fish and their friendly resident sea turtle. Just a stone’s throw away is another small island that is often safe enough to kayak to. Also be prepared to see the most beautiful tangerine sunsets while the island’s original residents, a number of fruit bats, make their way to the mainland to feast. It’s a sight that truly never gets old. What’s also amazing is its size, a wedding party of 100-130 guests will have the whole island to themselves. Where else can you find that in the world?

Reason 3: Wonderful Staff

Planning a destination wedding isn’t always easy. There are numerous emails and requests that need to be done on almost daily basis leading up to the big day. You’d think that Club Paradise Palawan being all the way in Coron would have a hard time communicating with us. But every email was answered promptly by both the island manager and the head office in Manila. Every request was worked on, including the smallest ones like when Carl saw the wires for our reception were white, he asked if they could be changed to black to blend with the night sky. The staff made sure to paint every wire black before the big day.  Now that’s service!

Reason 4: Good Food 

One of the things we’ve always loved about Club Paradise is how delicious every meal is. The selection of items in their buffet was always diverse and the dishes served at our reception included a roast calf, roast beef, pasta station, salad bar, seafood station to name a few. During our wedding weekend, breakfast, lunch, and dinner were already part of the promo rate given to guests, so they appreciated that they didn’t have to think of spending much more for our wedding weekend.

Reason 5: Limitless Activities

Aside from all the wonderful hikes, snorkels, and kayak sessions the island has to offer. Coron, Palawan boasts of a wide variety of activities for your guests to take. Our guests chose to do a number of things like Dugong Diving, Calauit Safari Tour, or the exploration of Coron’s world class lagoons and Cayangan Lake.

Have we convinced you already that Club Paradise Palawan is the best beach wedding destination in Coron, Palawan? In case you need a little nudge, here are more photos from our magical wedding weekend:

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(All photos from this post from our amazing wedding photographers Mango Red)