Beauty Review: La Mer’s Revitalizing Hydrating Serum

Oh, La Mer. Why are you so effective? It’s really hard to tell your skin not to have La Mer after it’s tasted it. It’s like telling your child that they can no longer have cheese French Fries. Ever.

I was recently invited to experience La Mer’s latest baby: The Revitalizing Hydrating Serum. Don’t you love how it’s got a “the” in its name. Making sure you know that it’s the bomb and nothing else will compare.

Here is what La Mer’s website has to say about this wonder serum:

This deeply replenishing serum awakens vitality one drop at a time, flooding skin with sea-sourced actives and the healing energies of our Miracle Broth™ Tiny micro-droplets of The Deep Hydration Ferment—with an interactive blend of green, brown and red algae—are designed to penetrate rapidly, revitalizing deep within skin’s surface. With 8x the immediate effects of a humidifier, this refreshing serum creates a haven of all-day hydration. Lime Tea Concentrate—a powerful antioxidant—protects against the elements, allowing skin to thrive, Cells plump and lines are visibly softened as natural repair is energized. Skin becomes visibly radiant, youthful. Full of vibrant life.

To use: Apply onto fingertips and gently sweep over face and neck morning and evening. For optimal results, follow with your La Mer moisturizer.

This gorgeous product (I LOVE the green bottle by the way) goes on smoothly with a lovely faint floral scent. It is easily absorbed into the skin and leaves nothing but softness in its wake.

I have been using this beauty for a few nights now and my skin absolutely loves it. You can feel it moisturising your skin from within instead of just on the surface. I’ve decided to save product and use it at night because I’m currently placing a Vitamin C serum and intense sunblock before my BB cream during the day. I think my skin might just beg for a vacation if I add anything else to my morning routine.

I would recommend this beautiful product if your skin is  leaning towards to the oily side and you want to give it some intense internal hydration due to various treatments (like Tretinoin, Benzoyl Peroxide, etc.) It won’t weigh you down, will definitely help with the flaking, make fine lines look less noticeable, and make you look amazing.

You can purchase La Mer in the Philippines at Rustan’s Department Store.

Learn more about La Mer’s amazing products through their:

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