Mantis Treatment at Amy Patdu MD Medical Clinic

Being in my mid-30s, I’ve made it my mission to take better care of my skin and health. And one of the ways I strategised achieving this was by committing to working with a board certified dermatologist who would help me keep my skin in the best of shape. Because let’s face it (no pun intended), if your skin looks bad, you feel bad.

It was a no brainer for me to choose Dr. Amy Patdu to be my co-pilot towards better skin. Here are my reasons:

    1. My mom and a number of Titas have been going to Amy for years and trust me, they all look AMAZING.
    2. Dr. Amy herself looks amazing. It’s important to find a dermatologist whose face you personally like. Because if you’re willing to put your face and body in the hands of someone who looks like a frozen doll, you run a great risk of looking like that eventually.
    3. Amy never product pushes. I have never walked into clinic and been peer pressured to buy anything.  Many years ago, I was invited by a derma to try her services and on the way out her staff kept trying to convince me to plop 8,000php on products. No thank you.
    4. Her staff are well trained and her office always looks clean and inviting.
    5. She uses technology that actually works.

For over two years now, I have been paying customer of Amy’s services to help combat my adult acne, which she was able to help me control through a machine called Mistral. A few weeks ago, Amy invited me to try another service her clinic offers called Mantis.

Yes, this machine looks a little intimidating and a bit like a Praying Mantis. But Amy said her clients have been raving about the results from this insect-like machine since she introduced it in her clinic a few years ago.

Mantis is described as a dual energy system, which is a formal way of saying it does two things: an endomassage and a stochastic pulsed magnetic resonance.

Endomassage is the mechanical manipulation of motorized rollers. This form of treatment has been around for years to combat things like cellulite and varicose veins. It consists of light suction, rolling and unrolling of skin fold, which is an alternative to manual massages. It also mobilizes the skin tissues well enough that it is the equivalent of gymnastic exercise.

Stochastic Pulsed Magnetic Resonance uses very low magnetic frequency. It is widely used for restoration of cellular functions. It also restores cellular balance.

After a little sleuthing, I discovered that my mom and a number of Titas have been doing Mantis at least once a week for the last few years! My mom reported that it makes her cellulite look less visible, another Tita (who is an insomniac) shared that she is now able to sleep without pills, and another Tita said she actually had to stop going every week because she was getting too thin! All of this from a one-hour massage? Sign me up.

Amy invited me to try Mantis for a few sessions to make me believe it for myself. I’ve done about six sessions so far and I’ll share my personal thoughts at the bottom of this entry. But here are Amy’s answers to questions you may have about Mantis.

Hi Amy, can you share a little more about Mantis? 

Amy: Mantis is a non invasive solution to help people restore the beauty and health of their body and their psychophysical condition. It works in many ways such as:

      • Improved blood circulation, tissue oxygenation, sleep quality and energy.
      • Improved lymphatic drainage,
      • Lessening of varicose veins and cellulite.
      • Balancing the immune system and any hormonal imbalances.
      • Reducing pain and inflammation.
      • Toning muscles
      • Fat reduction

How did you discover Mantis?

Our Israeli partner who is always searching for new technology that is based on science and backed by research.

Does anyone else offer Mantis in the country?

As of now, this machine is still making its name around the world and only our clinic offers Mantis in the Philippines.

What are the results most people notice after doing Mantis?

Most people who do Mantis notice  good changes such as:

      • Improved sleeping patterns (having a deeper sleep and no longer waking up in the middle of the night)
      • Increase energy
      • Reduced pain/inflammation (taking a shorter amount of time to heal after a workout or after playing sports)

What conditions or ages is Mantis most beneficial for?

It is most beneficial for :

      • The elderly
      • New mothers whose bodies need to recover after giving birth
      • People who are active in sports
      • People who are in physical pain
      • People who wants to get rid of stress and fatigue
      • People who want to be fit and healthy

It is not recommended to the following clients:

      • Women who are pregnant
      • People w/ implanted device such as pace makers or implantable cardioverter defibrillators
      • Presence of metal prostheses such as implant screws, staples, nails, etc (except those with titanium implants as this is non magnetic)

After how many sessions do people start to see results?

Clients usually notice the changes after 3-5 sessions, but some clients can feel it after just 1 session.

How often should Mantis treatments be done to see results?

It is recommended to be done twice a week for better and faster result. But if the schedules can’t permit it, a minimum of once a week is suggested.

After my first two sessions of Mantis I noticed that I was feeling sleepy earlier on in the evening. Why is that?

It is helps you bring back to your normal function. One of them is the sleeping pattern, the body need to have a proper rest to be able to do your daily activities.

How exactly does Mantis work to combat cellulite, wrinkles, and varicose veins?

On cellulite:

The mechanical movement causes mobilization of fats as well as remodeling of collagen. It also improves blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. While the synergistically of the Stochastic magnetic resonance promotes optimum energy production to increase fat breakdown and utilization.

It also restores circulation, relaxes the connective tissue fibers and restores tone to the tissue causing breakdown of the fibrous band that is causing the orange peel like appearance of the skin.

On varicose veins

The mechanical movement works on the connective tissue layer of the vessels stimulating collagen and elastin remodeling. These are responsible for maintaining vessel tone and flexibility.

The blood circulation is improved by the effect of the pulsed magnetic resonance as it polarizes the cells. Blood cells flow freely (as seen through a microscope, RBC’s after Mantis are not stacked like coins) improving the oxygen distribution in the entire body.

Is Mantis a lifelong commitment? Or will the benefits be worthwhile after just a package of sessions?

Yes, it is a lifelong commitment. But I do recommend trying a package first.  We’ve really seen positive results in clients who suffer from worry, muscular/joint pain, stress, and other physical conditions like cellulite and varicose. Aside from making you look better, it almost makes your body healthier from within.

How much will a package cost?

It costs php5000 per session for the whole body. We offer packages, for 14 session with a discounted price, and if you want a longer session we offer one year program (with an even further discounted price). We also often give promotions just visit our website for the update promos.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

It is a true holistic approach to taking care of your own body from the inside out.

My personal review:

      1. Mantis really feels like you’re just committing to a one hour massage. No pain or discomfort whatsoever. I began to look forward to my weekly sessions as a way to shut off from the world and just relax.
      2. After my first two sessions, I noticed that I started to get sleepy earlier in the evening. I also began to be thirstier more often. Amy says these are normal ways the body is healing.
      3. After 3 sessions, I started to notice that my skin look more toned and my body felt tighter even if I was doing the same workouts. The scale never got lighter, which is also good for me because I don’t need to lose any weight.
      4. My spider veins and cellulite have also began to look less visible.
      5. I also did begin to sleep deeper.
      6. I injured my tailbone sliding with Nara a few weeks ago and when I told Amy’s staff, they focused the Mantis there during one session and I felt it helped it recover faster.

Would I continue with Mantis?

I really enjoyed my Mantis treatments and the results were definitely there. I would probably continue my Mantis treatments on a twice a month basis for maintenance and aim to do it more often the older I got.

In case interested in learning more, Amy Patdu has clinics in two locations:

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BGC: Fort Branch at the Unit 2-1 Grand Hamptons Tower 1 Condo. 2nd Avenue, corner 31st St., Cresent Park West Global City Taguig.

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