Food: #CheesyLikeSundayMorning

I don’t go to events often, but when I got my invite for this one, I knew it was going to be special.

#cheesylikesundaymorning was a glorious Sunday brunch hosted by Ros Juan’s Poblacion Dining Room with dishes from their Head Chef Mickey Garcia. Mickey’s dishes were complimented with a cheese buffet table from La Petite Fromagerir and everything was styled beautifully by Chichi Tullao of Happy Tummy Travels and Kay Isabedra.

They must have had to get a permit to share all this cheesy goodness. Check out my photos from this event below:

Great news! This event is open to the public on February 12! Please message Chichi at if you’re interested in attending.

Learn more about everyone here:

Poblacion Dining Room (Perfect location for an intimate dinner) 

Mickey Garcia (Dining Experience) 

La Petite Fromagerie (Catering)

Chichi Tulao (Styling)

Kay Isabedra (Styling)