Guest Blogger: Nicole’s Dream For Her Children (part 2 of 2)

Once again, my dear friend Nicole Hernandez de los Angeles is here to share how she plans to save for her children’s education through Philam Life. You can read how easy it to make your own dreams for your little humans possible below. Take it away, Nicole!

Good relationships always hinge on partners that can be trusted and relied on. That’s why when we started thinking about planning for our children’s education, Philam Life was on top of our list. We wanted to work with a company that understood our needs as young parents, but also had a strong reputation in the industry.

Our two boys are still years away from college, but with rising tuition costs, we wanted to make sure that when the time came to write that big check, we’d be ready. When the Baby Barangay was offered a chance to learn more about investing for our childrens’ future, I knew it was time to take that first step and meet with an Agency Manager. We had a very informative morning with Philam Life’s top Agency Managers, mother and daughter tandem—Ces and Genie Melendres. When we were introduced to the Future Scholar Plan, jI couldn’t wait to get home and share what I learned with my husband.

For me, the Future Scholar and Life Insurance plan made perfect sense. It’s both a savings and investment platform (which especially appealed to my husband) and means that a portion of what we contribute has the ability to grow over time. Once we decide how much we want allocated for investment, the professional fund managers handle the rest, giving the account financial upside. It’s a really easy way to get those extra returns for our kids!

An equally important benefit was that in the unlikely event something would happen to us, the plan would carry on for my kids, without the need to pay for future premiums. This really gave us peace of mind knowing that the investment for our boys would remain intact.

Since the gift of education is something many parents value, I strongly encourage you to visit Philam Life and learn more about their programs. They are a staple in the investment and insurance community, and have proven over the years that they have the best interest of families like mine in mind.


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