Say No to Nickelodean & Coral World Park’s Underwater Theme Park Plan for Coron, Palawan

Six years ago, Carl and I got married in Coron, Palawan. We chose this part of the Philippines because it is truly one of the most untouched places in our country. White sands, clear waters, and some of the most beautiful coral life we have ever seen.

The recent news that Nickelodeon (through its mother company Viacom) plans to build in pristine Coron, Palawan a “400-hectare (1,000-acre) undersea development showcasing the area’s marine life that will give fans a chance to interact with the brand and the iconic characters they love” makes me so ill.

You can read the full article about this theme park here.

Nature is the best theme park you can give your children. No rides, mascots, or artificial experiences will compare.

In a recent update, the developers Coral World Park Undersea Resorts (CWP) “claim” that they will not be building anything underwater, but if you watch this video produced by GMA News five years ago, this statement is completely opposite from their proposal to investors. Here are their plans for an underwater casino, rooms, and restaurant.

Nickelodean itself reported the underwater highlights in their press release, “It will also feature one-of-its-kind resort dining experience with CWP’s trademark underwater restaurants and lounges, which will be located about 20 feet below sea level with vivid views of the world beneath the ocean.” You can read more about their conflicting stories here.

Image from Viacom the this article in Mashable.

In response to the petition and negative publicity, Nickelodeon recently said its “underwater” attraction isn’t quite underwater-underwater.” Sorry, not buying it. It’s crazy for the developer, Coral World Park Undersea Resorts, to have us believe that building and maintaining “floating” structures over delicate corals and marine life won’t harm the eco-system.

To the investors, I say swim away.

If you agree, that Coron, Palwan should go untouched, please sign the petition prepared by Anna Oposa of Save our Philippine Seas here. It will take just 10 seconds.

(All images of Coron, Palawan in this post from my wedding album. Shot by Mango Red)