Guest Blogger: Nicole’s Dream For Her Children (part 1 of 2)

Since my girlfriends and I are always talking about the plans we have for our children, I invited my dear friend Nicole Hernandez de los Angeles to share her own educational story and how she plans to save for her children’s education through Philam Life. You can read her dreams for her children below:

The value of a good education is something both my husband and I take very seriously. We were both blessed to have attended private schools growing up, and were able to study abroad for college and Masters, which opened a lot of doors along the way.

As parents, we want to provide our two boys with the same opportunities, because we know how a great educational experience can foster growth, boost confidence, and provide key networks to get them through the different stages in their lives.

One of my fondest memories was spending time with my Dad in New York when he brought me to Parsons for my Masters program. It was great exploring the city with just him; we got to eat and watch plays, but most importantly bonded as we walked through the cold streets of the city or just sit and admire snow-laden Central Park.

I learned that his dream as a parent was to one day send my sister and I to whatever school we wanted. It was only during this trip that I really understood how much this meant to him, as studying abroad (and in one of the biggest and most expensive cities in the world) was definitely not going to be a drop in the bucket. He was only able to do this through hard work, smart investing, and a LOT of prayer!!

Our kids are still young, but I always look back on the wonderful educational experience I had, and like my Dad, will also do whatever is needed to support their dreams. Whether they want to build the ‘next big thing’, be a magician, rockstar, F1 driver, or superhero (ok, maybe not), my husband and I are aware that we need to start preparing for their future as early as now. I know, I know… it all seems so big and far away; but time goes by sooo fast, and our little kids will inevitably grow up and have their sights set on places that might be far from home.

We decided to take the first step and scheduled a meeting with Philam Life to learn more about their Future Scholar and Life Insurance plan. The product made a lot of sense because of its flexibility, and we were surprised with how simple it was to get the process rolling. My next entry talks about the wonderful Philam Life advisors and the variety of investment and life insurance products that they offer. Working with them made planning for our children’s education a whole lot easier! (You can read Nicole’s continuation here)

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