2016 Highlights

2016 was a lot of travel, nesting and opportunity. Here’s my 2016 in snaps.

photo-08-01-2016-5-48-04-amTried for the first time my hand at producing an online show called The Parent Files.

photo-31-01-2016-8-58-11-pmWe did a few awesome staycations like this one at Discovery Primea.

photo-22-01-2016-8-56-16-amWe also had epic weekend trips like this one with the Baby Barangay at Windward House.

photo-13-02-2016-1-43-58-pmSpeaking of houses Carl and I worked hard to build our own.

photo-16-02-2016-3-48-26-amWe got to visit Miami.

photo-18-02-2016-6-21-38-amAnd took a trip to Cartagena, Colombia with my family for a magical wedding.

photo-27-02-2016-5-40-45-amNara celebrated her first birthday at the Fun Farm.

photo-31-03-2016-2-01-02-pmWe launched Industree.Tv in March.

photo-28-03-2016-2-49-23-pmWe went to Danjugan Island for Holy Week

photo-23-03-2016-8-47-46-pmAnd also explored the farms of Bacolod.

photo-20-03-2016-6-13-35-pmI turned 36.

photo-09-04-2016-1-57-18-amWe went to Bohol with the Baby Barangay and stayed at the perfect Amoritas Resort.

photo-12-06-2016-4-43-22-pmThe Try Local PH team got featured in Sassy Manila. I love these girls!

photo-09-06-2016-11-57-35-amCarl and I returned to Club Paradise, the island we got married, this time with our little ones in tow.

photo-19-06-2016-3-51-51-pmTook Fin to watch his first Monster Truck Show!

photo-21-05-2016-4-26-01-pmDid lots of Caliraya trips!

photo-23-06-2016-8-24-10-amA watermelon grew in our sidewalk from a seed Nara spit out. Amazing!

photo-24-07-2016-12-29-52-pmLots of staycations like this one in Crimson.

photo-29-08-2016-2-14-29-pmLots of trips to green areas like this one in Greens & Patches in Nuvali.

photo-08-08-2016-7-44-50-amTayo the Cat joined our family.

photo-11-09-2016-9-22-58-pmThe Baby Barangay took a trip to Tagaytay.

photo-14-08-2016-10-45-18-amI filmed the second season of The Parent Files at the Parenting Emporium.

lasik3I underwent LASIK with Asian Eye Institute which was life changing!

photo-11-10-2016-2-39-28-pmVisited Vancouver, Canada for the first time.

photo-17-10-2016-4-48-13-pmReturned to New York for a magical fall wedding.

photo-29-09-2016-2-45-39-pmBaby Aiden my precious godson was born.

photo-14-11-2016-2-53-33-pmThe Baby Barangay are now proud endorsers of Cycles and Cradle!

photo-20-11-2016-8-12-35-pmBaby Cayne was born! Another little one very precious to me, just like his mama Cla!

photo-30-12-2016-11-21-48-amI got to snorkel with sea turtles at Apo Island.

Let’s see what 2017 has to offer! Thank you for coming along for the ride!