Five Reasons To Visit SM Appliance

dscf6341Furnishing a home can be both fun and daunting. Fun because everything is new and if you’re the type that enjoys shopping for new things, it can be a pretty fulfilling way to use your day. Daunting because the appliances required to make your life comfortable often don’t come cheap and you want to be sure you choose the ones that fit your lifestyle properly so they can last.

adscf6344I recently wrote about how SM Home was the ideal place for us to furnish our home with the righ beddings, bathroom mats, storage items, etc. (You can read that blog post here). I’m happy to report that just a few steps away is SM Appliance: a one-stop-shop for purchasing all your home and kitchen gadgets. Here are five reasons why it’s worth a visit.

Reason #1: Variety
SM Appliance has a wide selection of brands all in one place. Samsung, Sony, LG, Oster, Breville, Kitchen Aid, I could go on and on. It’s great how they offer items in a different budgets to make sure you find the right one for your lifestyle.

adscf6352Reason #2: Knowledgeable Staff & Promoters
I knew nothing about what to look for in certain much needed appliances like my washing machine. So I really appreciated how the staff at SM Appliance knew the ins and outs of each piece I was exploring. They asked the right questions like how big my family was, and the space that the washer would be located, and how often I intended to wash. They also gave great tips to make sure that our washing machine was well maintained (the secret is to apparently use detergent that doesn’t produce a lot of bubbles.)

adscf6360Reason # 3: Great Payment Options
SM Appliance offers ten (yes ten!) different ways to pay for your items. So you never have to worry about not having the funds to make a big investment. They even offer instalments using home credit or Aeon.

dscf6367Reason # 4: Excellent Customer Service
SM makes it so easy for you to have your large machine (like a fridge) arrive at your doorstep. They will even make sure to install it for you. Their delivery options are really affordable and very flexible too. And if you ever run into any questions about the machine (like I did), they are just a phone call away.

adscf6375Reason #5: Limitless Promos and Deals
There is always a hot deal happening at SM Appliance. And if you follow their social media accounts, you may just find substantial discounts for the items you are looking for. Like the 25th Anniversary promo, which will offer 25 percent off a number of choice appliances during the month of December!

Here are a few more picks of what SM Appliance has to offer:




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