Event: Ecomom Challenge at The Parenting Emporium

600Fact: I’m not a very confident host. So much so, that when companies invite me to host events, 99% of the time I politely decline and recommend a few of my amazing friends (like Patty Laurel and Sarah Meier) for the job because they can skim a cue card once and own the show. 

140But once in a while, I will hold a microphone and talk to a crowd when it’s for people I greatly admire and products I’m happy to stand behind. All these factors came together a few weeks ago when I was invited by wonder women Beng Feliciano and Maricel Cua of the Parenting Emporium (your one-stop-shop and resource center for all things parenting related) to co-host their Ecomom Challenge.

109Beng Feliciano & Maricel Cua of the Parentine Emporium together with Meryll Dy of Ecomom Philippines.

133If you’ve never heard of the Ecomom, then let me introduce you to one of the most coveted items in baby registries around the country. The Ecomom is a UV steriliser, deodoriser, and dryer that makes cleaning and drying items in your home easier than ever before.

137This nifty little box will sit quietly in your child’s room sterilizing almost anything: toys, clothes, blankets, bottles, etc. You can even use it to sterilise your own items like nail grooming tools, tweezers, makeup brushes, cellphones, etc. Whatever can fit inside its box can be sterilized!

56It’s surprising this nifty machine only uses as much power as a standard electric fan to get the job done. Most steam sterilisers use three times more electricity. Most of the models also have ion deodorisers to remove smells like those on clothes when they haven’t dried properly.

Here are more pictures from this super fun event which had guests stuffing as many items as they could in an Ecomom (the winning team placed 60+ items inside!), a very special raffle and a grand prize of two Ecomom units!














445Learn more about Ecomom through their:

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The Parenting Emporium is located at 29 1st St New Manila (you can find them on Waze!). You can also contact them through (02) 7253723 / 7386272 / 0917-5614366.

A special thank you as well to Mateo’s Restaurant, Karabella Ice Cream, LFN Kinesthetic Learning Center and Events by Tiff W for making the event a success! 

(All photos courtesy of Eco Mom PH)