Body Food All Natural

photo-03-12-2016-8-50-24-amChristmas is almost here and I have to admit there are few gifts I do look forward to more than others. One of them would have to be my present from Ana Gutch of Body Food All Natural.

If you didn’t read my post about her gift last Christmas. Allow me to quote what I said:

“Ana makes the most amazing, sensory soaps, balms and oils you will ever come across here or abroad. No lies. I dare say her brand is my favorite local find this year. Each item is made with so much love that you almost don’t want to use them. I say almost, because once you discover how her products turn your daily shower into a spa, there is no going back.”

Here are the wonderful items she sent over this year. I highly recommend ordering soon for people you love as well!

photo-03-12-2016-8-51-23-amHer much beloved Balm All Around in a Minilini. These essential oils are great for cuts, bites, and burns. They also help calm you and ease stress.

photo-03-12-2016-8-51-04-amLavender Tea Soft Soap in a Tube: A great way to have quality soap while you travel.

Knotty Back Balm: Perfect for massages on sore muscles. This balm is warming and infused with healing herbs.

photo-03-12-2016-8-50-54-amCold Processed Soaps Made with Premium All Natural Ingredients: I’ve said before how Ana’s soaps are truly a work of art. Here is her ‘Full Moon over the Green Sea Bar’: A kelp-infused herb enriched kelp tea, grapeseed + grapefruit soap made on a full moon.

photo-03-12-2016-8-51-13-amWild Raw Honey: Honey is an amazing product in its purest form. It is actually great as a facial wash/mask due to its humectant and anti-bacterial properties. Ana’s honey is as pure as it gets. Use a spoon in your oatmeal or enjoy it as skincare. The uses are endless.

photo-03-12-2016-8-50-09-amThank you so much, Ana for your kindness and friendship.

I invite you to discover BODYFOOD All-Natural by clicking on their banner on my site partner column on the right. I highly recommend purchasing their products for people you love this Christmas. That’s what I’m doing. 

You can also follow them on Instagramemail Ana at, or through her mobile: 09178821223