My Favorite Australian Products

photo-26-11-2016-10-13-33-amLiving in Sydney, Asutralia for five years introduced me to a number of Australian-made products that have become staples. Products that don’t scrimp on quality and are so amazing that I panic when I don’t have them in stock.

If you are planning to head to Australia soon, I highly recommend grabbing these beauties. But if you, like me, are currently stuck in Manila, fret not, I share in the bottom how you can nab these babies with a few clicks of your keyboard.

photo-26-11-2016-10-12-00-amRed Rock Deli Potato Chips in Sweet Chilli and Sour Cream:  Go into any pub in Sydney and you will see potato wedges, sweet chilli, and sour cream served on the menu. The combination of salty, tangy, creamy, and sweet is pretty phenomenal and these chips are an amazing ode to that. This is by far the best flavor of chips out there. Even if it arrives in crumbs , it’s still delicious!

photo-26-11-2016-10-12-56-amAesop Rosehip Lip Cream: Aesop has been making beautiful products in minimal packaging before it was even hip. They’re products smell so fresh and their stores are stunning. This lip cream isn’t a balm or gloss, but it definitely does the job of keeping lips nourished and plump.

photo-26-11-2016-10-12-32-amTrilogy Certified Organic Rosehip Oil: I truly believe that this little red bottle is what helped me keep stretch marks away for both my kids. I added a few drops of this liquid gold to my current favorite lotion and it helped keep my skin supple enough to take the growth. My mom also swears by using it as a face oil.

photo-26-11-2016-10-13-02-amT2 Tea in Gorgeous Geisha: T2 Is the most beautiful tea room ever. There are shops all over Sydney and you can go in to sip some of their samples or see all the beautiful teas they have available from around the world. Gorgeous Geisha is my personal favorite: a green tea infused with berries.

photo-26-11-2016-10-12-27-amLucas Pawpaw Ointment: Made from fermented pawpaw aka papaya, this wonder balm (which smells amazing) is great on the lips, cuts, bites, and burns. You see it in every Australian’s home and rightfully so. It’s so great to have a tube of this stuff available anytime you need it!

photo-26-11-2016-10-12-13-amGrown Alchemy Hydra Repair Cream:  I only learned about this product after leaving Sydney, but I’m so glad I did. It is glorious! It is made with so many essential oils it’s not even funny, smells so good, and is absorbed into the skin so quickly. Whenever I wear it at night, I wake up to the most supple skin.

photo-26-11-2016-10-12-24-amLanolips in Apple: Moisture? Check. Sunblock? Check. Gorgeous tint? Check. Yup, Lanolips has you covered for everything. This lip balm is definitely a fave.

I’m sure a number of you are curious about a a few of these products. Here’s the best part, you don’t have to wait for a flight to Sydney or a kind friend to get it for you. You can nab almost any Australian product (clothes, food, etc.) through TRCY. You can contact them through their Instagram account.