Becoming a No Compromise Mom with Cycles, Cradle, and Cycles Sensitive

I always knew I wanted to be a mom. What I didn’t know was whether I would be good at it. And like any journey you take in life, you can prepare for it all you want by reading the manuals or listening to the advice of others, but you will never be 100% ready until you try it firsthand.

Fin15One of my favorite pictures with 2 month old Fin. Tired but still so complete. 

But after four years into this role, I think it’s safe to say that motherhood is now a part of me that I cherish more than any other. It never gets old to see two little humans become their own individuals under my watch. And I never get tired of realizing that Fin & Nara are my dreams made real. They are a piece of me, together with Carl, that I needed to be complete.

screen-shot-2016-11-22-at-9-00-24-pmBecause they are mine, I need to make sure that their health and care is never compromised and I am thrilled to share that the Baby Barangay girls and I have been offered a chance to showcase a brand that we are all truly proud of: Cycles, Cradle, and Cycles Sensitive.

screen-shot-2016-11-23-at-9-38-27-pmAnd that’s a wrap! After our shoot a few weeks ago! I think the kids are all set to call it a day! Haha. 

I’m being 100% honest when I say that these are products I have genuinely used on my children since moving back from Australia. You can read my first experience with the brand here.

photo-22-11-2016-7-44-16-pmSince then, Cycles, Cradle, and Cycles Sensitive have become staples in our homes and travel. Here are the two products we use more than any other!

photo-27-10-2016-11-38-11-amCycles detergent: Made with hypoallergenic, ultra-mild, baby-friendly ingredients. This detergent does not contain dyes, bleaches, optical brighteners, and fabric softeners. I even use this on our intimate wear in our house.

Snapseed-1.jpegCradle Baby Bottle & Nipple Cleanser: With Nara still taking milk from a bottle at night, the nipple cleaner is a huge help in keeping her bottles sanitised. This product is so safe that it is actually edible and can also be used to wash fruits and vegetables.

20161112_1389We’d like to invite other moms to join the No Compromise Movement and welcome Cycles, Cradle, and Cycles Sensitive into your homes too. By becoming a No Compromise Mom at you get to enjoy 1 year 10% Off* for purchases made online through and during select Cycles & Cradle sponsored events, seasonal promos. You’ll also get to receive other exciting freebies! So what are you waiting for?


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