Product Review: Safeguard Pure White Body Wash

fin6-5This is a picture of Fin at 6 months. In a few days, he is turning 4 years old. It’s crazy how fast time has flown: from him being a defenseless little baby that resembled a skinny bird to the active (and may I say really handsome) toddler he is today. And to show you what a novice I am to parenting, let me share this story:

A few months ago, I texted my pediatrician in a bit of a panic. This is the actual transcript:

Me: Hi Dr. R. Sorry to bother you. Fin has quite a number of bruises on his knees and elbows. Nara will be coming in for a shot next week, should I bring him in to get checked?

Dr.: Absolutely no need. He is 3 and active. It’s perfectly normal. I would be worried if he DIDN’T have these things.

There you have it. I am a paranoid parent. My husband laughed when he heard I asked this.

nuvaliBut yes, I can’t help feel a little panicky when I see him climb trees, jump off things, and run like his life depended on it on pavement. But that’s the mom in me. And let’s be honest, the baby soap we used to use to wash his hair and body just doesn’t cut it any more. Nara still has that sweet smell when she plays, Fin just smells like sweat.

photo-25-10-2016-4-15-43-pmI was recently asked to try Safeguard Pure White Body Wash on my very active toddler. I’m usually very protective about what I use on my children, but with over 50 years of experience keeping families germ free, I was genuinely curious about how well this would perform.

photo-25-10-2016-4-22-19-pmIt has a wonderful Safeguard scent (like flowers and soap) that will take you back in time. Just a pea-sized amount on a puff is all you need for a rich lather that can be used on the entire. It’s strong enough to get rid of even the most stubborn paint or marker scribbles, but it’s easy rinse formula is still gentle enough to be non-drying.

photo-25-10-2016-4-21-31-pmTo get the most of Safeguard Body Wash, here’s how they recommend using it:

1. Squeeze a pea-sized drop of body wash onto a wet shower puff.
2. Work up a rich lather as you gently scrub your body.
3. Rinse off with water.
4. Pat dry to enjoy full body germ protection and lasting freshness.

photo-25-10-2016-4-21-59-pmIt’s been great to have this on hand for Fin every night. He still smells fresh throughout the day and I have to say that his scrapes and bumps even seem to be drying and healing faster since we’ve began using this instead of his previous soap.

photo-25-10-2016-4-20-39-pmI would recommend trying Safeguard Pure White Body Wash if:

1. You have a toddler who is likes to be independent and often comes back with a scrape or bruise.

2. Baby soap doesn’t do enough any more for your child’s sweat.

3. You’re looking for a product that’s economical. (Just a pea-sized amount is all you need for a rich lather, which means one bottle will last for ages).

4. You’re looking for a product that’s non-drying and rinses off clean leaving skin with a fresh scent.

photo-25-10-2016-4-18-45-pmMy husband has taken to this body wash too and prefers to use it after doing his trail biking. So yes, it’s great for kids and big kids at heart and will definitely remain in our bathrooms for the years to come.

photo-25-10-2016-4-15-49-pmLearn more about Safeguard Pure White Body Wash through their:


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