Have you checked out Calyxta.Com recently? There’s been a fresh drop of beauty articles that are guaranteed to improve your beauty routine. You can also read about how my beautiful friend Sarah Meier stays fresh and amazing here.

Makeup For Beginners

Anti-Aging Skincare Routine

Hairstylist Communication 101 

School Friendly Makeup Looks 

How Pollution Affects Your Skin And How to Combat It 

Nail Trends For Ber Months 

Common Brow Mistakes 

Natural Remedies To Calm Skin Redness 

How To Take Care Of Frequently Colored Nails 

Wedding Emergency: How to Get Ride of Pimples Fast

Classic vs Modern Bridal Hairstyles 

Waterproof Eye Makeup Products That Will Hold Up Throughout The Makeup Sobfest 

Honeymoon Makeup Kits 

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