5 Reasons Why Crimson Hotel Filinvest Should Be Your Next Staycation

A few weekends ago, Bianca, Kelly, Nicole, Patty, and I aka the Baby Barangay were invited to enjoy a staycation at Crimson Hotel Filivest with our families in tow. Here are five reasons why I think this southern hotel should be your next staycation destination:

crimson21. Their Warm Staff: From beginning to end, the staff at Crimson were warm and accommodating. When we needed an extra mattress and pillows, they brought them up in a flash. When Fin’s coughing allergy kept us from the buffet the first night, they were happy to suggest the chicken soup from room service. Everyone is friendly and up for a chat, but they are always sure to respect your personal space.

2. Child Friendly Accommodations:  The kids had a great time appreciating the view of the city from above. They were able to count cars, fire trucks, and talk about the number of things they saw. (Insider tip: get a room on the 20th floor or up). They also enjoyed swimming in the pool and hanging in each other’s living areas with Disney Junior in the suites. Crimson also has a number of fun activities for kids to do during Sunday brunch like arm painting and a little playground. Want proof of how much fun the kids had? Here are some cute pics of the Baby Barangay kids:

3. Accessible Location: Being in Alabang made Crimson easy to get to. We all arrived during various times of the night on Friday and shared how the voyage was painless.

3. Delicious Food: We were pleasantly surprised with the number of choices offered to us at every buffet during our stay. I have to also add that room service was reasonably priced and equally yummy. But the highlight would have to be Sunday Brunch. For only 1,600 pesos you have access to an all-you-can-eat buffet with an assortment of beautiful cheeses, cold cuts, seafood, and wagyu roast beef. Everything was amazing and you would have had to pay double for a similar buffet anywhere else. Here are some pics from our many meals during our stay:

Photo 24-07-2016, 12 59 24 PM5. Comfortable Amenities: When a hotel or resort invites the Baby Barangay over, it really is like a little village. I’m happy to report that their one bedroom and two bedroom suites fit our families of three or four + staff comfortably. The rooms also had the most comfortable beds we’ve experienced in a while. And the kitchenettes were a great way to cook up a midnight snack before watching some well deserved TV. Here are some pictures of us in our room and the other amenities of the hotel like their salon, pool and gym:

Photo 24-07-2016, 12 29 52 PM


Photo 23-07-2016, 11 50 10 AM



Photo 23-07-2016, 10 49 34 AM

Photo 23-07-2016, 10 57 11 AM




Learn more about Crimson and book your stay through their:

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(All images on this post take by Patty, Kelly, Carl, and I)

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