Beauty Review: L’Oreal Revitalift Laser X3 Day & Night Cream

Let’s face it, my skin isn’t what it used to be. At 36, I’ve definitely noticed a few fine lines around my eyes and mouth, my skin gets dry easier and lacks the “bounce” of my twenties, even blemishes take longer to fade. *Sob*

img_0676.jpgThey say that prevention is better than a cure, so there really isn’t no better time than now for us ladies in our 30s to find a skincare regimen that will help keep signs of ageing away for a little longer (because let’s be honest, you can’t keep them away forever; that’s just not natural).
Photo 20-06-2016, 9 42 05 PM (1) Recently, my friend’s Patty & Nicole couldn’t stop raving about L’Oreal’s Revitalift X3 Line, so I was thrilled to be invited to try these products for myself. After a bit of research, I discovered what makes the L’Oreal Revitalift line unique is that it’s the first skincare line inspired by laser treatments, so they aim to work the way an expensive laser would without the crazy costs.

Photo 20-06-2016, 9 41 01 PM (1)The first tandem I got to try was their Day & Night Cream. A potent pairing of products that promises more youthful skin in four weeks.

Photo 20-06-2016, 9 42 50 PM (1)Both the daycream and night cream are packed with these ingredients which I did a little more research on:

Pro-Xylane (3%) – is scientifically proven to improve skin’s density and plumpness and helps reduce lines. According to research, it’s a sugar protein from beech trees that helps defend the skin against water loss.

Adenosine – scientifically proven to smoothens lines. It’s a yeast derived ingredient that is excellent for anti-inflamatory purposes.

LHA (also known as Beta-lipohydroxy acid) – helps smoothens pores. This is from salycilic acid and helps exfoliate dead skin and unblock pores. It even helps with acne.

Here are my first week reviews of using these two products:

Photo 20-06-2016, 9 39 37 PM (1)Day Cream:

If you don’t mind products with fragrance this day cream is perfect for those prone to dry skin. It’s rich and comforting and definitely helps skin feel plumper. For those with dry skin, this is a great primer before your BB cream. My skin is a little oily, so this is a step I might skip if I have a long day out.

Photo 20-06-2016, 9 39 46 PM (1)Night Cream

This night cream is quite unique. It has a has a stretch film that acts as a mask at night protecting your skin from the elements and making sure cells are given the boost they need to face the day. It goes on thick but then dries to a slight gloss over the face that makes it feel super smooth. Even with less than 8 hours of sleep, my skin feels so well rested. Definitely a keeper.

Photo 26-06-2016, 11 04 44 PMI can’t wait to share how my skin is improving thanks to these products next week and another product I get to try from this line. Stay tuned!

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