Aryanna Epperson

Calyxta is my go-to site for a number of high end beauty products and educational beauty articles.

Have you checked out this awesome site recently? Here are some beauty articles and products you might find interesting (like this writeup on the beautiful and all grown up Aryanna Epperson featured above):

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Kylie Jenner, anyone? How to Pull Off Bold Lip Colors.

Empowering Women on the Road.

Ouch. Quick Remedies for Sunburnt Skin.

Did you know that you need a cleansing conditioner? Here’s everything you need to know about this wonder product.

Take runway makeup looks to real life by makeup artist Ixi Castillo.

My mortal enemy. How to beat adult acne.

How to make your salon blowout last even longer!

Skin rehab after a heavy night out.

How to refresh tired skin.

Ooh. Flat and curling iron no-no’s.

Snacks for the skin?

Must haves on your wedding day from my makeup artist.

10 Waterproof makeup products you may want to try.

Skincare tips for the rainy season.

How to get your nails ready for your big day. 

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