Hunt & Gather Father’s Day Nutrition and Fitness Bazaar


Hunt & Gather is a community website and series of events that aim to be the ultimate resource for all things health, nutrition, and fitness related in the Philippines.

snapseed-3.jpgAs parents to two young children, my husband and I know how difficult it can be to sometimes squeeze in a workout or make healthy food choices at home. Hunt & Gather has introduced us to a number of workout options and local food suppliers that help make the job easier.

Here are some brands we love:

img_0232.jpgI seriously can’t get enough of these pili nuts from The Cracking Monkey. They make the perfect snack and are so much fun to open!

img_0233.jpgThis soothing balm from Paglunas is the perfect way to relax tired muscles after a hard workout.

img_0234.jpgThese unsalted crispy fish from Mercato Vittorio are excellent on top of rice, salad, etc. A trick from my friend Chef JP is to mix in a little pineapple jam. Salty sweet goodness!

img_0235.jpgSimone’s Original Snacks are done by a mom who makes the yummiest, healthiest dried fruits and vegetables. I’m not usually a fan of melon, but I really enjoyed this one!

Join Hunt & Gather this Father’s Day Weekend (June 18 &19) at the Glorietta Activity Center Palm Drive to nab your own goodies and to learn how to live a healthy life!

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