Revisiting Club Paradise in Coron,Palawan


Not many of you may know that five years ago Carl and I got married on the shores of Club Paradise, Palawan. We specifically chose Club Paradise because of its beautiful beach, perfect size (we took the entire island for a weekend), wonderful staff, and healthy respect for nature.

In case interested, here’s a video of our special day shot by the very talented Bob Nicolas:

We were thrilled when the Discovery group invited us to revisit Club Paradise and this time with our kids in tow. So five years later we went back to where it all began. The place where we arrived as individuals and left as a team who promised to care for each other and and for the children we would be blessed to have. Here are some snaps from this special weekend shot by Carl and I:















Why we recommend Club Paradise:

1. The most beautiful kid friendly beach we know: crystal clear water, powdery white sand, and barely a person in sight.

2. Comfortable accommodations: The rooms are so spacious that a family of four can comfortably fit in one cottage. Which definitely felt safer for us since cottages are a good distance from each other.

3. Amenities: kayaks, masks & snorkels, a large pool open 24 hours, a spa that offered an amazing hilot massage (Carl couldn’t stop raving about it), and a bar that makes the yummiest shakes and cocktails.

4. Warm staff: We’ve always loved how polite the staff are at Club Paradise. How everything is run with efficiency and how they greet you and go the extra mile for you no matter what time of the day.

5. Good food: We always liked how in the original Club Paradise three buffet meals were included in your package, making it more affordable and not having to budget it into the stay. I believe this arrangement is still offered for those that want it.




Some tips to make your stay even more comfortable

1. Find out where you will be located on the island: Some of the cottages or rooms can be quite away from the restaurant or main clubhouse. We recommend bring a stroller or baby sling to make the walk back and forth more comfortable.

2. Bring bug spray: being a nature reserve you have to expect a few bugs and animals to greet you here and there. Because it was the start of rainy season there were unfortunately tons of mosquitos that came to say hi during dinner time. Thankfully they didn’t want the kids, but feasted on me like there was no tomorrow. Bring some strong stuff.

3. Bring a light jacket: it’s quite normal for the weather in Palawan to have a shower or two in the middle of the day. It would’t hurt to have a jacket or thin coat especially for the boat ride to and from the island.

4. Book your massage early: if you plan to have a spa treatment, we recommend you book as soon as you check in since they’re quite popular and get booked rather fast.


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