Smile’s Engineering for Kids

A few weeks ago, Fin and I were invited to join Smile’s Engineering for Kids trial class held at Toddlers Unlimited at Festival Mall Alabang.¬†DSCF2761I’d heard about Engineering for Kids for quite some time through my friend Cecille Perez who brought the program into the country through her group Smile.

DSCF2760Engineering for Kids was created to encourage children to explore STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) in the hopes that more little humans will decide that these fields are worth pursuing. The world could definitely need more scientists, engineers, and mathematicians.

Here are some photos from the class we attended:

DSCF2724Research confirms that the brain is receptive to learning math and logic in children as early as one to four, so even toddlers can benefit from the Engineering for Kids way of learning. The kids often start class by playing with building blocks.

DSCF2730Part of the class was hearing a story that has the moon in it and then talking about visiting the moon. The kids are then given cardboard rocket ships to shoot towards a moon. In longer classes, they even help make the rocket ships.

DSCF2721Arts and crafts time for the class ties in with the lesson about space and the moon.

DSCF2744The kids all made moons using a special sticky paint that also made their art work look like it had craters.

DSCF2722All in all the kids had a wonderful time with the Engineering for Kids team. Here’s the good news, Smile and Engineering for Kids would love to have you try their classes as well. Here is their summer schedule:

E-FLYER_8.5x11in_V_Smile Summer Programs at Smile Center_FINAL

The great news is that if you use the code #smileforcat when enrolling your kids, you can avail of a discount in their Quezon City branch.

Learn more about Smile and Engineering for Kids through their:

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