Body Food All Natural: No. 7 Freedom 

I am in love. Thank you, Ana Gutch of Body Food All Natural for creating No.7 Freedom. If you are like me and prefer scents that lean towards citrus, mint, or grass you will agree that this fragrance (whether in its oil perfume, body oil, or spray perfume form) is perfection.

Here are the notes of No.7 Freedom as shared by Ana Gutch:

So this one has 15 natural notes. The top notes consist of citrus tones- sweet orange and mandarin, just a bit of lemon and dalandan that I cold-pressed myself and then it moves to heavier citrus like bergamot. 

There also are mints there, spearmint and peppermint that run along with the citruses and the herbs like dill fennel palmarosa and basil. I used patchouli to deepen the herbs and mint with earthy musky scent, just a bit.

I fixed the notes with friendly bases of Cananga, and just a drop of oud, and jasmine sambac ( sampaguita ) to finish it and hold back the citruses and herbs a little longer on the skin and have it finish with light wood and a light sweet floral scent.

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