Favorite Things: February

It’s time for my favorite lineup! Here the things I’ve either bought or have been given a chance to try in February that really stood out!

(1) Abre Linea Picnic Mat: We love having fun outdoors, so this beautiful woven picnic mat from local brand Abre Linea has come in handy. It’s so easy to just roll it up and take it anywhere!

(2) Pro Synthetic Flat Top Brush: I brought this little brush on my recent trip and I have to say that it did an amazing job of giving me a flawless dewy finish whether I used liquid or cream foundation and even tinted moisturiser. It’s my new favorite makeup tool. You might be able to buy a similar one in Calyxta.

(3) Kate Trap Impact Eyes: These gorgeous colors from Japanese brand Kate were all I needed to use as I travelled halfway around the world to achieve a bright day look or a smoky night time look. Beautiful pigments and colors that flatter any skin tone in just the right size. You can get them here.

(4) Dove Oxygen Shampoo: I have super fine hair and this shampoo does an amazing job of clarifying my scalp and making my hair fluffier than other brands. I love that you can buy it at any drugstore and is affordable! Learn more here.

(5) REN Bio Retinol Serum: My new favorite night time serum. I put a few drops in the palms of my hands, warm them up, and then pat them gently into my face and neck. I always wake up with softer skin. I use this on my hands as well. Learn more here.

(6) Vertical Linen Blue Dress by Commonware: Commonware is one of my new favorite local finds. I have three basic dresses from them that are perfect for almost any semi-casual occasion. They are affordable and their items are made with very good quality. This vertical blue linen dress is my new favorite. You can learn more about them here.