Grand Baby Fair 2016

I was invited today to be a guest at the highly anticipated Grand Baby Fair of Baby Company.

This special event is on their 6th year and I have to say that I was in awe of all the baby supplies available: bottles, nappies, carriers, breast pumps, maternity wear, name it and they had it.

I was invited on stage to have a chat with Abby Yabot. A La Leche League leader and pioneer breastfeeding advocate in the Philippines

Abby and I spoke about how to keep successfully breastfeeding despite returning to work. We tackled topics like nipple confusion, the best equipment for pumping, and how to keep milk supply up. I especially loved how there were moms breastfeeding in the audience while we were talking.

If you’re in a shopping mood this weekend, be sure to check it out. The Grand Baby Fair runs till Sunday only. Here are more details:

(Insider Tip: The best parking is on the 5th floor of Mega Mall B. That entrance takes toj straight to thr Fair!)