Review: Kaboost Portable Chair Booster Philippines

My little family and I were recently given the chance to try Kaboost: a portable chair booster that helps toddlers enjoy eating with their families like a big person. This couldn’t have come at a more perfect time for us since Fin (who is now 3) enjoys having meal time with us and we often have to add extra pillows to his chair to make him more comfortable.

The Kaboost claims to fit most four-legged chairs and I have to admit that I was initially skeptical abut it fitting our rather vintage wooden ones, but it had absolutely no problem covering the width of the chair’s legs.

Here are some pictures of it being used by Fin with ease:

It’s honestly super easy to put together. All you need to is place under your chair and stretch it out to fit the four legs. It has springs which then clamp down on the legs keeping them in place.

I prefer to have two people together to do the job, but once they’re in place, they really don’t budge.

The best part is that the Kaboost fold up making it easy to store or take with you when you need to travel. We’ve decided to just leave it on one of our chairs so Fin can easily use it whenever we have meals. And then we pack it up with ease when we head out for the weekend.

The Kaboost comes in green, natural, chocolate, and charcoal (as pictured above). I would recommend the Kaboost if:

  1. Your toddler has already started to want to join you during meal time.
  2. Your toddler is getting too big for a high chair or finds it uncomfortable.
  3. You travel regularly and need a booster for when you leave the house.

The Kaboost is distributed in the Philippines via Quirks Marketing PH. You can purchase yours online through their:

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