Body Food All Natural Christmas Soaps

I was like a kid in a toy store when I received this early Christmas gift from Ana Gutch aka Body Food All Natural.

I feel that calling her products just soaps is such an understatement, because Ana makes the most amazing, sensory soaps, balms and oils you will ever come across here or abroad. No lies. I dare say her brand is my favorite local find this year.

Each item is made with so much love that you almost don’t want to use them. I say almost, because once you discover how her products turn your daily shower into a spa, there is no going back.

To give you an idea of how special they are, allow me to introduce Body Food’s Christmas soap line. All descriptions written by Ana.

The Christmas Soap: a combination of two types of soaps – one scented with orange rind, ground cinnamon, and raw powdered chocolate with essential oils of cinnamon and sweet orange- the other with ground peppermint tea and spearmint tea and scented with eo’s of eucalyptus, and peppermint. Its soap base is made with EVO, cold pressed VCO, cocoabutter and vitamin E. I find that it is has such a festive scent and puts me in the mood for the holidays!

The Cinnamon Peppermint Layer Soap: made with a decoction of cinnamon bark, blended with ground cinnamon and scented with cinnamon and peppermint essential oils. It is topped with a mint layer of the same soap base but with ground premium peppermint tea and scented with eos of peppermint and spearmint. It is made with premium cold pressed VCO and with extra virgin olive oil. For some reason this feels like a more serious Christmas kind of soap. Something that reminds me of the warmth and comfort of a lolo: strong and steady.

The Cinnamon Clove Chocolate Eucalyptus Soap: A dense soap with cocoabutter, VCO and EVO base. It feels very smooth on the skin and produces a very creamy lather. It is meant to feel like sipping bitter-sweet tablea hot chocolate beside a fragrant piney eucalyptus tree on a cold and cozy Christmas evening.

Chocolate Charcoal Peppermint Soap: Made with raw ground chocolate rich in cocoabutter, ground peppermint tea, and bamboo charcoal swirled together in a rich soap base of fresh goatsmilk EVO and VCO and scented with the essential oil of peppermint and just a bit of eucalyptus. Creamy and minty!

Wow. If those descriptions don’t convince you its Christmas, I don’t know what will. Thank you, Ana for continuing to do what you love and allowing us to reap the benefit.

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