Happy 10th Anniversary Cycles Baby & Cradle Natural PH

Having a little girl opens your world to a lovely array of dresses and accessories in the cutest of popsicle inspired colors. But the joy ends when these outfits irritate her sensitive skin or get stained during meal time. Did you know that your baby’s skin is 3x thinner than your own? That’s why it’s so much more sensitive and it needs products that know how to care for it best.

I’ve honestly used Cycles Baby products to wash the clothes and swaddles of both my kids from when we moved back from Australia till today. Hypoallergenic, phosphate-free, without chlorine or any harsh chemicals. It’s more affordable than many of the foreign brands I’ve come across, but just as good!

Another important part of toddlerhood is teething. Meet the bravest toys in Nara’s squad. With her little teeth starting to make their debut, these teething toys and Chunky Chewelry chew beads have been keeping her calm and happy. We also make sure to keep them clean daily and I prefer Cradle Natural for the job. No toxic chemicals and made with natural and edible ingredients, we also wash her bottles with the stuff. It’s definitely happy chomping for our little girl.

Happy 10th Anniversary, Cycles & Cradle. Thank you for keeping our babies free from irritation and harsh chemicals.  Keep doing what you do best!

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