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I first met Marvin Conanan and Sara Martinez during an Instagram Meet a few years back. Since then, I’ve followed their path on Instagram loving how they showcase the best of what the young of the Philippines have to offer through their online magazine: Purveyr.

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Sara and Martin have decided to help their love child grow by turning it into a beautiful magazine. But they need funding to make this dream a reality.

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Here is their story:

“The Philippines is known for its tropical beauty, exotic vibe, country life, flamboyant culture and hospitality. Purveyr believes that these, although definitely worth celebrating, aren’t all. There is more to this country than what tourist catalogues and typical culture magazines say.

We dare to ask: What is there to see beyond the solitude of the coasts; in the spirit and character of the city? Beyond the traditional — in the modern and contemporary?

Anchored on our three values: to inspire Creativity, to elevate the Culture, and to stimulate the Community; we seek to explore the independent movements, local brands, streetwear culture, cycling communities, Filipino art and anything that has to do with the contemporary trends and lifestyles that the Philippines have and will have.

Since 2012, Purveyr has been promoting the modern Philippine modern culture through an online platform that brings news under these categories: style, art, design, music, food, culture, retail and travel. But we know better than to settle.

We visualized the brand taking the next step. This is what the Purveyr Magazine is about: a more tangible and timeless take on our mission and philosophy.” 

Here are some of the people they plan to feature in their maiden issue:

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Filipino-Chinese illustrator: Valerie Chua

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Triathlete, celebrity foodie, and restaurateur: Erwan Heussaff


Entrepeneur and premier basketball concept store owner of Titan: Raul Reinoso

Learn more about their funding efforts through this video:

If you’re interested in owning the first copy of Purveyr click here to join their funding efforts on Indigogo.

Or use this link: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/purveyr-magazine#/

All images and videos courtesy of Sara Martinez of Purveyr.