Healthy Monster PH

I started this week on the right foot with fresh salads from Healthy Monsters PH. I love how everything you need for a hearty salad is available in a convenient jar. The best part is that they last in the fridge for 5 days, so you can have a new salad from Monday to Friday.

Here are their current flavors:

1. Asian Salad (Asian dressing, carrots, cabbage, corn, romaine )​​

2. Fiesta salad (quinoa, Mexican dressing, cheese, grape tomato, romaine )

​​3. Nutty salad ( walnuts, almonds, grape tomato, arugula, romaine, strawberry vinaigrette dressing ) – my personal favorite

​​4. Nutty salad blueberry (walnuts, almonds, grape tomato, cheese, blueberry vinaigrette dressing)

​​5. Chia Salad ​(​cucumber, singkamas, arugula, grape tomato, romaine, chia seed dressing)

​​6.Skinny Caesar (​honeyroasted peanuts, grape, tomato, cheese, romaine, skinny Caesar dressing )

​7​. Greek Salad ( new on menu ) (romaine, olives, bell pepper, grape tomato, feta cheese, cucumber, onions, greek dressing )

​​​All their ingredients are organic and sourced locally. Learn how to order through their Instagram.
Ps: Thank you, Kira Ramirez for sending me these delicious salads to try!