Blissmakerie 2015

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Last September, I was tickled pink to be invited to attend my first Blissmakerie Event. For those curious what goes on in a Blissmakerie event here is their official description:

The Blissmakerie is a gathering of women who wish to inspire others to “make things blissful.” By this, we believe in making the most out of life, whether it means finding the grateful moment’s in the everyday, or making plans to meat a goal or tick off a bucket list item, or even starting a passion project and seeing it through to completion. It is a community event that brings together creatives, bloggers, small business owners, working women, even moms, and celebrates the unique gift of every individual. It encourages collaboration over competition, and inspiration leading to action. The Blissmakerie was launched in December 2014 to a select group of bloggers and women-centric businesses.

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A Blissmakerie has no set program or format, but is characaterized by the following elements present in each gathering:

  • Inspiring women from different walks of life, mostly bloggers, working women, single or married
  • A gorgeously-styled venue — styled by a styling collaborator –, set to inspire your senses
  • A hearty and beautiful meal, by our wonderful event partner
  • An soul-stirring talk & testimonial by a guest “blissmaker,” a woman who followed her bliss, whether in business, through an advocacy, or a passion
  • The Blissful Box: A curated box of delightful, handpicked items from brands that inspire with their stories as much as their products and services.

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The recent Blissmakerie event I attended had 39 lovely ladies gather at the Mateo’s Garden Cafe for a Sunday afternoon of good food and inspiring conversation. The rains may have been pouring outside, but the inside of Mateo’s was warm and inviting.

Screen Shot 2015-10-24 at 2.07.02 pmThis event featured “blissmaker” April San Pedro, proprietor of two successful passion-based businesses: the Yellow Hauz coffee shop and Artisan design studio, both based in Davao City. I loved how April shared her journey from being an accounting graduate to finding her bliss in opening not one, but two creative businesses to fuel her love for graphics and crafts. My favorite message from her talk was that you are never too old to shift your life’s direction and learn something new.

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I had been wanting to try Mateo Garden Cafe even since my dear friend Lala Tuazon (one of the owners, mentioned that she was putting it up). I’m really happy that the event was held here because it is quite a trek from where I’m based. There was assortment of taco and quesadilla appetizers, delicious vegetable pasta, and the bite sized desserts all made with love by Mateo’s very own resident chef, Grace Valerio. everything was delicious and obviously made from scratch and with quality ingredients.

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We spent the rest of the afternoon getting to know the ladies in our table, sharing our own blissful journeys, and inspiring other to find new passions. To memorialize the gathering, we were each given a black notebook and chalk pen markers from Craft Carrot, which we used to write our words for the day.

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The afternoon finally ended with the unboxing of the Blissful Boxes, which included items from

Here are my personal pictures from the event:

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A big thank you to this year’s Blissmakerie team for inviting me to be part of this day. (L-R: Carmel David, Audrey Ruth Angcos, Martine de Luna)

If you’re interested in joining or participating in the next Blissmakerie event, here are some details from the organisers:

The next Blissmakerie will be in November 2015, and the team at Make it Blissful is once again seeking out new, inspired brands to collaborate with. If you are interested in being a collaborating stylist, raffle, it Blissful Box sponsor, please do send in your proposals to to be considered.

(Additional photos in this entry courtesy of Blissmakerie’s official photographers) 

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