Wink Laser Studio Revlite Treatment 

A few weeks ago, I was invited to try Wink Laser Studio’s Revlite Treatment. After a go signal from my dermatologist that it was okay, I headed to Wink in Alabang Town Center not knowing entirely what to expect.

Wink’s studio in the ground floor of Alabang Town Center

Wink’s Revlite machine

Revlite is described by Wink as an “easy, safe and chemical-free skin fix.” It uses short pulses of laser light that go deep into the skin to address common skin problems, such as acne scarring, large pores, and fine lines to give you cleaner and brighter skin without any down time. More on my personal review of this later.

Wink’s facilities are all brand new.

I really enjoyed the service and facilities at Wink in Alabang. The staff were friendly and very thorough when explaining the dos and don’ts of the procedure I was about to try. They definitely made me feel less nervous.

My therapist used electronic slides to share the Do’s and Don’ts before starting the treatment.

it’s advised that you’ll need 8-10 Revlite treatments spread out in one or two week intervals then once a month intervals to see maximum results.

I love the way everything is laid out in your treatment room. I’m assuming the ball is for pain management. Something you don’t need with Revlite.

Everything is extremely clean and well sanitized.

The interiors were bright and cheerful.

Especially their signature ceiling design.

It was suggested that I try their Complexion Correction Revlite treatment. The treatment itself felt like hot little rubber bands slapping my skin. It was honestly manageable and actually fairly relaxing. Here are my notes of how my skin faired after:

Day of treatment (a few hours after): My face felt hot and glowed a little,  like I had spent a day in the beach without sunblock. I forgot all about it that night and splashed some warm water before getting ready for bed. My skin got red again as a reaction to the water. Maybe I shouldn’t have done that.

Day 1 after treatment: Woke to find that red bumps had appeared around my cheeks, forehead, and a few on my chin. Was warned this would happen as a result of the heat of the Revlite. It was easy enough to hide with makeup, but my skin is definitely bumpy. Grateful that I didn’t have any shoots or events lined up.

Day 2-3 after treament: As advised by my therapist at Wink, I’ve been putting anti-inflammatory ointment on the red bumps and they don’t look as angry. There is a slight drying of the skin happened that can easily be exfoliated using my fingers in the shower. Feels like a mild sunburn that doesn’t hurt.

Day 4 after treatment: Red bumps have flattened entirely and have left slightly dark marks and skin feels newer and less crinkly. An age spot that I’ve had for years is practically gone. Starting to see the results.

One week after treatment:Skin looks really wonderful. Bumps and their dark marks are entirely gone. My skin is more even and less pigmented in certain areas.

This is right after getting my Revlite second cycle. The square on my right cheek is the shadow from the camera. Notice the redness on my forehead. Also normal.

 For my second cycle two week later, I decided to ask for the strength of the laser to be less. I also made sure to use only cold water on my skin for the entire week after. I had some mild redness in the beginning and the drying of my skin for a few days after but no more bumps as a reaction.

I love how they give you a care card after your treatment with the phone number of your skin technician so you can call with concerns any time.

After two Revlite treatments my skin looked much more even. I’m wearing minimal foundation and only concealer under my eyes in this photo. This was a shot a week after my second treatment.


1. I wouldn’t exactly say that there is absolutely no downtime to the Revlite treatment. They warn you of the possibility of heat related bumps due to the treatment and that’s exactly what happened to me.

2. The sun is not your friend and more so if you choose to try Revlite. You need stay away from everything hot and bright for a good number of weeks before and after your treatment to see positive results. So better to plan ahead then right before summer.

3. I only did two sessions, but honestly did see a good improvement on my skin. I don’t know if I would be able to fully commit to eight sessions (they’re also a bit pricey) but I’m sure the results of those would be far more noticeable.

4. I would recommend Revlite’s Complexion Correction Treatment if you’re not a weekly outdoor lover, are willing to invest substantially on your skin, and are looking for a way to even out your skin tone from sun spots or dark acne marks.

Thank you Max of Wink Laser Studio for inviting me to try this treatment. You can learn more about Wink Laser Studio and find the one closest to you through their:

Website | Facebook | Instagram 

Here’s a snap of their current branches: 

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