O’Right Hair Care

If there’s one thing about pregnancy I’m not a fan of, it’s how SO MUCH of my hair falls out a few months after giving birth.

When Andrea of Piandre Salon heard of my woes, she recommended I try O’Right: A Taiwanese haircare brand available at Piandre that has been noted to have the most green shampoo in the world. 2 million bottles of their hair tonic were sold after just one year and many have noticed that with just a month of use (you put it on at night before sleeping) they’ve seen great results. I also love how you can plant the box and seedlings will grow. Hopefully my hair will do the same.

Verdict after a few weeks of use: I am loving this shampoo. It’s smells amazing, suds like dream, and together with the conditioner gives my very fine limp hair volume I could only dream of a few weeks before. The conditioner isn’t heavy at all and you might wonder if it’s working, but it most certainly does the job.

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