Today was not the easiest of days in my breastfeeding journey. Let’s just say words like painful, swollen, massage, homeopathy, and *gasp* mastitis were thrown around quite a bit. But with such a strong support group of mom warriors to ask advice from and to check up on me, I believe I’m finally in the clear and on the road to recovery.

Yes, breastfeeding isn’t always easy. A number of women make enough milk to feed a small village, others have just enough, and some just a tiny bit. Supporting breastfeeding doesn’t mean your path has to be the same as everyone else’s. It means that you’re behind empowering others with the information needed to let them decide what’s best for their own story. Cheers to breastfeeding awareness month for helping make that possible.

Photo by Princess Yang for her #lifeunscriptedproject series

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