Sunday Reflections

Tonight I’ve decided to just write without knowing where my fingers on the keyboard will take me.

I hope you allow me this brief rest from brand recommendations and pretty pictures to just reflect on things in my own life that I want to record for the future.

Fin is growing up too fast. These days he quietly absorbs the conversations around him like a sponge and surprises us all with his own opinion on the topic. He enjoys asking us why things work and likes to reflect on day’s events when we get home. He tells us when he likes what we’re wearing and can dance to songs with a beat that would put most adults to shame. I’ve learned that it’s easier to treat him with respect to get him to do something rather than to just pick him up and demand it of him because he’s smaller than us. He now asks to sit and have dinner with us every night and feeds himself while promising to behave. I can’t remember the last time he threw a crying tantrum, because we encourage him to use his words when he wants something and we really try to listen and work out a compromise. He creates make believe worlds with pillows and simple toys where he cooks us breakfast or we build rocket ships. He adopted two pink stuffed toys that were given to Nara and has baptised them to be called Teddy Boy and Monkey, they are his partners during play time. He is his own little person at 2 and a half and that really blows my mind.

Nara is 5 months and getting chubbier every day. She has round eyes, pillowy cheeks, and a deep cleft chin. She is still purely breast fed and for a few weeks last month refused to take the bottle. Initially I was worried how that would work when school started, but a part of me was secretly thrilled that she needed me that much. She is honestly the easiest baby to care for. She smiles for everybody, but holds the biggest grin and chortle for her big brother. She is already beginning to chew her gums and we suspect that she’ll be teething in no time. Her hair is thick and starting to curl at the ends. When the weather is humid it takes on a life of its own and looks like little springs. I predict it’ll be even wavier than mine but dark and lush like her father’s. She has a smell I want to bottle and keep forever. It is my drug.

Some of my favorite times of the day are when the four of us are in bed together. With either Carl or I holding Nara and the other jumping into Fin’s amazing world where we make tents out of his old swaddle cloths and all hide inside when it starts to rain. While huddled in these little tents of stars (the print of his swaddles) I realise that these are the moments in my life I will look back on with fondness when the children are much older.

I really need to write them more to hold on to them tighter.