Life Unscripted by Dave & Pring Photography

CatJL_Final31editresizeA few months ago, I received an email from Princess Yang, who, together with her husband David, form Dave & Print Photography: a lifestyle portrait studio based in Canada.

Princess invited my family and I to be part of her Life Unscripted series where she and David capture everyday moments of families that inspire them. Having just given birth, I remember being pretty unsure I would be able to commit to the collaboration, but Princess (also lovingly known as Pring) patiently waited till I was ready, gently nudged me weeks before she was set to head back to Canada, and came all the way to the Pop Up Kids event with her lovely mother to show me that she wasn’t crazy. Haha.

CatJL_Final13I am usually very guarded when it comes to my family and home, but I am so glad that I agreed to do this with Pring. So one Saturday morning, she quietly snapped away as my family and I did our usual routine. We rarely have photos that capture moments like these, so these images are a gift we can never repay.

Thank you, Pring for patiently waiting for me to say yes, for being such a wonderful person to talk to, and for sharing your passion with us. We are forever grateful.

You can read the full Life Unscripted interview and a selection of photos here.

To book your own special session with Pring and David, you can check out their:

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