Ysabel’s Daughter

Ysabel’s Daughter is a proudly Philippine made bath and body brand that promises to deliver your beauty needs without any chemicals or synthetics. In fact, one of the main ingredients of their soaps and shampoos is honey, which they harvest directly from their very own backyard bee colonies.

I was recently offered a chance to try three of their slimming products which would make a great gift for someone trying to bounce back into shape after having a baby:

Lemon Firming Lotion: promises to help boost collagen production and improve skin texture.

Green Apple Slimming Lotion: helps tone cellulite and minimizes the appearance of orange peel skin.

Coffee Arabica Firming Bar: gently exfoliates the skin and helps improve skin moisture.

Learn more about the brand through their:

Website | Instagram

Or email them at ysabelsdaughter@gmail.com or through their mobile # +639188871886