Grace Home

I’m thrilled to share Grace Home: the new passion project of fellow blogger Grace Barbers Baja aka The Spoiled Mummy.  

Grace has always preached the gospel of celebrating life’s little luxurious and taking care of ourselves first and foremost.

And what better way to start then in our own homes, with a room that smells inviting, a handwritten note to say thank you, or an intricate tea cup that just makes your brew taste better.

Here are some of the gorgeous items she’d like to share with you:

Her room sprays come in two scents: olive & milk (a refreshing blend with a hint of lavender best for the bedroom) and talc & vanilla (a sweet but not cloying fragrance that works for the kitchen).

She will also be launching note cards made with premium paper and gold foil lining in her favorite symbols: a champagne flute and strawberry dipped in chocolate. It can’t get anymore decadent than that.

Her signature candle is fragranced with rose, talc, and basil. It’s made with pure beeswax which makes for a longer burn and guarantees that the fragrance finds its way throughout the whole room. She lit one in her house to show us and trust me, it smelled amazing. It also comes with a marble topper you can use to snuff out the candle or keep the heat from marking your tables.

She will also be launching items from her travels. Like these beautiful saucers from Turkey. Her room sprays come in the prettiest boxes and make the perfect house warming gifts.

She will also be offering these orange and lemon colognes from Turkey that I’m so curious about.

If you’re interested in nabbing some items from Grace Home, I’d like to invite you to her trunk show happening this Saturday. Details below:

Learn more about Grace Home through The Spoiled Mummy’s:

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